Free Online Bitcoin Generator

Generate/Mine free BTC below!

Note: Higher the amount you select , more time it will take to mine


11 coments
Talabi Adeboye
Is taking a survey needed to get my BTC?
· 3 months ago
Carmenza Duran Pena
Yes, you need to take a survey but at the end of the day, you do recieve free Bitcoins.
· 3 days ago
Bart Ommen
Its not really a generator, but a miner. Works decent.
a week ago
Adam Lui
Is there any way to skip the survey?
2 weeks ago
Mary Cabuhat
It works! Thank you.
2 weeks ago
Thomas Guski
Just put in the basic survey info needed & nothing else is needed.
3 weeks ago
Abby Robinson
Wow, good tool, is there a mobile app for this too?
a month ago
Ümit Dayan
Can we generate more BTC with this?
a month ago
Pepper Chilli
Do you have a tool for any other cryptocurrency as well?
a month ago
Suman Saha
Works like a charm! Hahah, m so excited. <3
2 months ago